Game of Thrones Finale Death Poll

Game of Thrones Finale Death Poll — Who Dies?

The Game of Thrones finale Death Poll is just what it sounds like. a chance for you and yours to vote or write in the characters who will bite in the season finale on Sunday night. Since the last two episodes of every season seem to contain a bloodbath or two, you’re bound to guess correctly. If not, you’ll find out who is leading the poll and adjust your expectations accordingly. Or argue with the results in the comments, it’s all good.

GoT fans are a blood-thirsty bunch but we also cry like babies when our favorite characters die. Vote on who  won’t live past the season 6 finale in the death poll. You can come back and gloat in the comments come Monday morning.

GoT Burning Questions Bastard Bowl

GoT Burning Questions of the Week, Ep. 9

Welcome to GoT Burning Questions of the Week, where speculation, analysis and theorizing are the order of the day. This is not a review. Most of the questions relate to the previous episode, but questions for all seasons and episodes may arise. Share your answers or ask your own questions below in the comments. And obviously, beware of show, book, and theory

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How Epic was Episode 9 ?

Kudos to Dan Weiss and David Benioff, Director Miguel Sapochnik, the cast, extras and crew and every one who had a hand in last Sunday’s episode. With Battle of the Bastards, Game
of Thrones has again proven why it is the best show in the history of television.

GoT has consistently broken ground in every area of film and TVproduction, and every season it tops itself. Battle of the Bastards GoT-Burning-Questions-Jon-Snowwas the biggest battle ever put on film, with a cast of 700, a crew of 600, 80 horses, (a horse-mistress!) and enough fake blood to float the Titanic. It looked and felt like an epic.

I felt the arrow that killed Rickon (WHY did he not zig-zag Miguel???) in my own chest. I suffocated along with Jon when he lay trampled almost to death. I cheered when he fought his way GoT Burning Questions Warup to daylight. I felt the thunderous approach of horses in my chest and my throat closed in panic as that Bolton circle closed like a vise. I felt the blood and gore splatter me. I was in the thick of it

It was the experience of being at war, and it was appropriately horrific and mesmerizing.

DracarysOh and finally dragons burning down the fleet in Meereen. Woo-hoo!!! Drogon looked sooo beautiful and terrifying, and it was great to see the little ones finally come out and play. They should have been out wreaking havoc long before now, but I see where the budget went.

It was cute to see Viserion and Rhaeghal break out of the dungeon — if you watch carefully you see a round stone door fall as they break out. Also I love how Drogon looked at them as they flew around him — like “hey guys, where’ve you been?! Let’s play, Mom’s gonna let us burn some isht!”

Congratulations and thank you, everyone at Game of Thrones, and whoever signed the check to pay for this at HBO. THANK YOU!!!

Don’t let it go to your head.

And now to business. So many questions and only one more episode to go. Oh the agony. I can’t. 

Who was Burned on the Crosses?

After months of theories and speculation about the burning crosses on the field of the Battle of the Bastards, the battle is GoT Burning Questions Ramsay's Crossesover and won and we never found out who the victims were. We know who they weren’t. Neither Stannis, Roose, Fat Walda, Baby Bolton or Rickon were the victims. So who? Did Ramsay just crucify and burn random people in his household for effect? I don’t expect it to be answered until next season, but I do think it will be shocking. 

How will the North Recover?

Map of the North, Burning Questions of the WeekGetting Winterfell back is just the beginning. Justice needs to be dealt to the houses of Umber, Glover, and all the others that stood with the Boltons against the Starks. This may or may not involve bloodshed. I doubt that it will now because every last human is needed for the war against the Dead. The North needs to unite before the Dead breach the wall, and considering the title of episode 10 that may be sooner rather than later. 

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GoT Burning Questions of the Week, Episode 8

Welcome GoT Burning Questions of the Week, where speculation, analysis and theorizing are the order of the day. This is not a review. Most of the questions relate to the previous episode, but questions for all seasons and episodes may arise. Answer or ask your own questions in the comments. And obviously, beware of show, book, and theory

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Why is the Brotherhood w/out Banners Heading North?

Burning Questions ep. 8 Thoros of Myr, Red Priest and head of BWB

Thoros of Myr

We haven’t seen the Brotherhood Without Banners since season 3. They’re likely headed to Castle Black, where Dolorous Edd is facing a severe crow shortage and impending doom. We’re here for a reason,” says Thoros of Myr.

Beric Dondarrion says “a cold wind is rising in the North,” which can only mean White Walkers. How did they find out they were needed at Castle Black? Did Dolorous Edd send a crow? Did Thoros of Myr (a Red Priest) see it in the flames? And can they bring magic to bear on the White Walkers? 

GoT Burning Questions of the Week, Beric Dondarrion HBO

Beric Dondarrion

Beric and Thoros believe that along with The Hound, they’ve survived this long because the Red God has a mission for them. “We are part of something larger than ourselves,” said Thoros.

Beric tells The Hound that he can still do good and redeem himself by joining them in fighting the White Walkers. The Hound is skeptical.

It would be great if The Hound heads north to battle those icy bastards and reunites with Arya and Sansa at some point. He has been a protector to them both at different points in the story. Perhaps he’s meant to be in the North. The Hound may well refuse the Brotherhood, because he was sooo not having it. We shall see.

How Many Men are in The Brotherhood Without Banners?

Because Castle Black needs every man it can get. And how likely is it that they will join the fray at Winterfell just because it’s on the way? That would be so cool. Speaking of Winterfell…

Will the Knights of the Vale Arrive in Time? Will they Fight for Sansa or Ramsay?

These questions send chills down my spine. The battle for Vale_knightsWinterfell is about to begin, and Stark forces look to be out-numbered. Jon looks like he’s ready to die again. Sansa has written to Littlefinger for help, but will he fight for her? Sansa knowingly anticipates treachery because she says in her letter (it’s been decoded online here) that she will reward him. AS IF. We’ll come back to that later.

After he handed Sansa over to Ramsay last year, Littlefinger returned to King’s Landing to meet with Cersei. He promptly told her that Sansa was alive and at Winterfell. He offered to use the Knights of the Vale to re-take Winterfell from the Boltons if Cersei made him Warden of the North. Cersei agreed and requests Sansa’s head on a stick. “I live to serve,” replied Littlefinger.

Sansa's Letter HBOLittlefinger will fight with the North against the Boltons and will then turn on the Starks (using some devious trick to garner support) in an attempt to take Winterfell from Sansa. He will turn on her once he realizes that her reward, which he may believe to be an offer of marriage, will never happen.

Littlefinger wants the throne. He’s trying to amass enough armies to march on King’s Landing and depose the Lannisters. The White Walkers will undo all of his plans if Sansa doesn’t kill him first. And I think that she will.

Will Jon Snow Die Again?

He looks awfully tragic in the previews, I must say. I mean, more than usual. Jon and Melisandre GoT ep.9 HBOIf Melisandre survives Ser Davos’
wrath, she had better ignore Jon Snow’s request (to not bring him back again if he is killed in the battle). If she truly believes that he is Azor Ahai, the Prince who was Promised, she may well refuse his request. She may tell him that he is destined to rule. 

Who is Burning on the Crosses?

Bolton Crosses, GoT ep. 9 HBOI have this horrible feeling that one of them may hold Rickon and the others may be members of Northern Houses that he found were conspiring against him. Hey Great Northern Conspiracy fans, that one’s for you. I don’t want to accept that Davos may be one of the victims (please God, no)jonsfaceatbattle, but I think the odds are against him surviving the season. Maybe they will send Davos to try to negotiate Rickon’s release and Ramsay’s response is to fire them both up.
Jon’s face  (above left) looks like he just had family killed. Like he knows the people on those crosses. There are four crosses, and I think that at least one of them will hold a Karstark, an Umber or another Northerner.

Will Tully Forces Ride to Winterfell?
I hope so, but I don’t think it will be any time soon. I think the Tullys will be avenging the Red Wedding sooner rather than later, and I think Arya may be a part of that vengeance. Remember the  season 6 trailer that showed Walder Frey celebrating with Lannister forces? Didn’t that look an awful lot like the Red Wedding? Get ready for major retribution. For that to happen, they need an event coordinator, someone like…

Is the Blackfish Really Dead?

BlackFishDoubtful. He should have died on camera and didn’t. I’m not one to hope against hope with this show, but this is completely different from the Stannis situation. The case for him being dead is nil. He wouldn’t leave Sansa to fend for herself when Winterfell is at stake. There’s a plan. Also, he will hit the Freys back hard. The old man lives.

What Will Davos do When he Finds Out?

davosIt looks like Davos will find out the truth about PrincessShireen’s death in episode 9. How safe will Melisandre be after that? Or will she flee before he has a chance to strangle her? I don’t think so, but the battle and related craziness may delay the confrontation between these two.

Where’s Lady Lyanna?

Because if there’s anyone who can take care of Ramsay Bolton, it’s her. But seriously, she was at the Stark camp the last time we saw her. Did she go home after delivering her men? Somehow I don’t think so.

Give us the TOWER of JOY!!!

Ned Stark outside Tower of Joy screenshotWe still haven’t seen the end of that scene. Whyyyyyy? I repeat, is R+L=J the only revelation we’ll find up there? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t get the delay. The suspense is killing me!

Where’s Gendry?

The poor guy would probably be totally confused by everything that’s happened and how he figures in it, but still. Seriously. It’s been four seasons. Did he fall off the edge of the universe?

Where is Varys Headed?

varysThat farewell scene with Tyrion screamed that he’s not long for this world. How or why I have no idea. He mentioned that they needed allies in Westeros and finding a fleet for Daenerys.

We heard in ep. 7 that the Iron Fleet is already in Slaver’s Bay (from the Captain that Arya books passage with), he’s literally going to trip over them on his way out of Meereen. So what then? Will he negotiate with Yara to attack the Slavers from behind and destroy them in the bay? Will he continue to King’s Landing? Who in King’s Landing will support Daenerys? Also, what’s on his mind? There’s something, I can feel it.

How Adorable are Grey Worm and Missandei?

MissandeiCompletely. They were the only good thing about that scene. What in the hell have they done to Tyrion? A brilliant, erudite, shrewd and politically saavy character has been turned into a complete doofus. Missandei and Grey Worm saved that scene. And shout out to Ms. Interpreter for grabbing the knife, as soon as they heard rumbling from above. Gangsta, haha.

How Pissed is Daenerys?

Royally. The look on her face was hilarious. Like when Mom gets back early from a trip and finds you partying with your friends instead of cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I think Tyrion is in big trouble. but I don’t think his life is at stake. I do think we’ll finally see some dragonfire. Yaaaay!!

Did Tommen Drink the Kool-Aid?

No. I think he’s doing what he thinks will work best to avoid bloodshed and keep everyone out of the dungeons. His whole demeanor and tone of voice screamed that he was under aaking tommenduress during that announcement about Cersei’s trial and the trial by Seven. He is conflicted, but he has seen what the High Sparrow (and his followers) are capable of. He’s trying to stay alive and keep his mother and wife safe.

Unfortunately, he has no head for scheming so he’s pretty helpless, which is what you see when he walks out of the throne room. He feels bad for Cersei, but can’t do anything about it. If only he and Margery could plot together. 

What is the “Rumor” ?
Popular opinion says that Cersei and Qyburn are referring to the caches of wildfire that Mad King Aerys stashed all over King’s
Landing. The scene plays like this is what they’re talking about, but I’m not sure. It doesn’t play to me.

First of all the origin of this story is Jaime Lannister, former RumorsKingsguard to King Aerys. How likely is it that he never told his sister about it? Not very.

Cersei has been in King’s Landing (I keep wanting to type Knot’s Landing, ha-ha) for years. Why would she need Qyburn to find this out? In season 2, she’s the one who went to the pyromancers to have them increase production before Stannis’ siege. Tyrion found out about it because of his spies. It wouldn’t be difficult for her to ask the pyromancers about the rumor or to have them investigate, but I guess Qyburn would keep it quiet. But I think that she would know.

Can the rumor refer to something about the High Sparrow, her or the Faith Militant itself?

Will Cersei Burn King’s Landing to the Ground?

There will be fire. It’s been foreshadowed so often it’s almost a cliche. She says “I will burn this city to the ground,” or “I would burn cities to the ground” at least once every season. Last season she said it to Tommen to explain how much she loved him (thanks Mommy). cersei

Cersei will attempt to burn down the Sept of Baelor on the day her trial is to begin. For some reason I believe it will be full of people and they’ll be waiting for her to appear when she rains down fire on them. I think she will want to protect Tommen, but at this point she may think that it’s no use, the prophecy will come true anyway.

If the Red Keep goes up in flames it will be an an accident, one of Cersei’s Unforseen Consequences. I could see her burning it on purpose if the Faith Militant tries to move the trial to the Throne room. But no, she will light the Sept and the whole city will go up in flames. 

But here’s the thing: There’s the image in Bran’s visions of a Dragon Flying over King’s Landing and there are clouds of smoke rising over the city.Dragon over a smokey King's Landing

I may be wrong, but if Cersei lights it up this season, that means dragons in Westeros (or at least this dragon), this season. Because how many times can they burn King’s Landing?  Daenery’s vision at the House of the Undying included a scene of the Throne room in the Red Keep that was burned to a crisp. 

Will Jaime or Qyburn kill Cersei to prevent her from torching the entire city?

Whose Head is the Mountain Wearing?

I’ve been wondering this for ages and keep forgetting to write about it. Back when Qyburn started his “experiments” on the mostly dead Mountain it was season 4, right after Tyrion’s trial by combat. We’re not given details but we are shown mysterious tubes removing and replacing  fluids into his body. At the end of the season Tyrion becomes a fugitive. In seasTHE HEADon 5, Cersei is offering a reward to whoever brings her Tyrion’s head. This has the — say it with me– unintended consequence
of causing a steady stream of severed heads arriving at the Red Keep. In one hilarious scene (pictured above) Cersei  examines a head and says that it’s not Tyrion. Meryn Trant offers to punish the uh…bounty hunters, but Cersei says that she doesn’t want to dissuade others from the hunt. “Mistakes will be made,” she says. The men are dismissed, and Cersei tells them to “take the head,” but Qyburn says that he will take it because “it will prove useful for my work.” This gives Cersei pause, but she says “very well then,” and leaves. Ever since, I’ve wondered if Frankenmountain is sporting a new head. Why else would Qyburn want it? No, Don’t answer that. The Mountain never takes off the helmet, and he looks kind of decomposed under there.

Bonus Random Question:

Is it Just Me, or does Qyburn have a thing for Cersei?

I’ve been getting that vibe for a while. *shudder* Opinions?

What do you think? Answer or ask your own questions in the comments!

Burning questions of the week, Arya Edition

GoT Burning Questions of the Week, Arya Edition

Welcome GoT Burning Questions of the Week, where speculation, analysis and theorizing are the order of the day. This is not a review. Most of the questions relate to the previous episode, but questions for all seasons and episodes may arise. Answer or ask your own questions in the comments. And obviously, beware of show, book, and theory

Spoiler image

This edition of Burning Questions of the Week will deal with Arya’s story line only.

Other questions will be in a separate post later tonight.

So many people on the Interwebs are piling the hate on this episode, but I disagree. Mostly book fans are disappointed because so many theories and expectations weren’t met. Waaah, no fight club Arya. Waaaaah no Syrio Forel. Waaaaah, no magic body switching.

Please, book readers, get a grip. No One was a kick ass episode. It was about transitions, moving characters where they need to be for the two final episodes of the season.  

This whiny nit-picking is why I haven’t read the books yet (okay I read the first one).  I want to be able to enjoy the show without having book expectations. Anyway, there are many, many questions at the end of this episode as the suspense builds and we wait for all heck to break loose all over Westeros.

Why is Everyone Hating Arya’s Storyline?
When we last saw Arya she was about to bleed out from stab wounds on the street. It was thought that she brought it all on herself for stupidly walking around in the open after defying the orders of the Faceless Men. But this episode revealed that Arya had a plan. 

Arya knew that the Waif would be after her and she was trying to lure her into a chase. She absolutely wanted to get back at the Waif for her brutality during training. The last shot of Arya in episode 7 with her holding needle and crouching in the dark was intentionally misleading. Arya wasn’t waiting for the Waif, she was planning her attack. Like a good assassin should.

Arya lures the Waif by appearing in the out in the open and booking passage for Westeros (maybe this was Meryn Trant’s gold?). Then she casually (much too casually)  strolls over to the bridge to seemingly say goodbye to Braavos. Arya seems lost in Arya Waitsthought, looking at the Titan of Braavos. She was waiting. Arya wasn’t scared by the old lady who approached because she was expecting her. Did she expect to be able to lure the Waif in to a chase more easily? Stupid girl. Arya knows she has inferior skills to the Waif, and this is why she lures her into darkness. Fighting blind is a skill she excels at.

How Did Arya Manage to go all “Jason Bourne” on the Waif While She was Injured?

Milk of the poppy. For those of you that don’t know, that’s opium. Opium is the basis for heroin and many, many modern painkillers. Arya was feeling no pain. Or at least minimal pain. Also, Arya has been undergoing relentless training by the Faceless Men for a long time. She now has skills. Even if she feels some pain, she can power through.  Think, people.

Arya has been in training with the Westerosi equivalent of the CIA (yeah, yeah they don’t kill people whatever). How helpless do you think she is?

Why Didn’t We See Arya’s Fight with the Waif?
Because it was dark.
Maybe there wasn’t a fight, and Arya stabbed her through with Needle and was done with it. Maybe the stunt team blew their budget on the chase. Disappointing? Yes, this is my one complaint about this episode. We should have seen this fight. The Waif has tormented Arya for two seasons. We needed to see Arya end her Faceless style.

What’s with Arya and Eye-Gouging ?
You got me there. No idea, but it’s interesting. It’s personal. Anybody have a theory?

Why Does Jaqen H’ghar Accept Arya’s Repudiation?
jaquenHe knew Arya would never be No One, although it’s part of the training to insist that she become No One. He had to know, because we all knew. I ask this very question a few posts back. The training goes the way it has to go. Way back in season 2 when Jaqen invites her to Braavos, he said that the training would help her eliminate the people on her list. It was not, strictly speaking, an invitation to join the Faceless Men. It was an invitation to train with the Faceless Men. Perhaps, it is in the interests of the House of Black and White for Arya to cross all the names off her list. When Jaqen H’ghar suggests she join him, these are his words:

 A girl has many names on her lips. Joffrey. Cersei. Tywin Lannister. Ilyn Payne. The Hound. Names to offer up to the Red God [same as the Many-Faced God?]. She could offer them all. One by one. — Jaqen H’ghar, Season 2

He never mentions Arya giving up her identity. Granted, the Faceless Men don’t seem like an organization that offers free training to let you go back to your own business.  But what if Arya’s list is their business? Someone somewhere (I read this last year), theorized that perhaps the Iron Bank (which is also in Braavos) had taken out a contract on the Lannisters because they owe so much money that will never be repaid. I Love this theory, because it plays. But even if it’s not true, Jaqen H’ghar let Arya go because she passed her training, killed the Waif and put a face in the temple of the Many-Faced God. She won’t be making money for the Faceless Men, but she will be sending souls to the Many-Faced God.

I can’t wait for her to go to Westeros and get started on her list.