Third Party Candidates

Terrified by Trump, Horrified by Hillary: Third Party Candidates

There has probably never been an election in which both party nominees have seen so much opposition within their own base. Google reports that searches for Third party candidates have skyrocketed since the Republican National convention. That was probably boosted considerably over the last 48 hours, after the release of certain DNC information by Wikileaks.

Fear is a virus and racism is thriving. Trump is spreading it like the plague. The Republican nominee is a man who spent the last 8 years  calling President Obama a Muslim (because in his racist brain that’s evil) and asking to see his birth certificate. Voters who support Trump and claim that they’re not racist are lying. If it’s okay with you that any group is vilified and discriminated against, then you are participating in the discrimination. Period.

It’s disturbingly obvious that a huge number of Americans are okay with Trump calling Mexicans criminals, Blacks lazy and women bimbos and fat pigs. The insistence by his supporters that they’re voting for him because he’s outside the system is bullshit. He’s a walking advertisement for business and against labor unions, decent wages (just ask the workers at his hotels), reducing corporate taxation and responsibility. In other words, Trump is a business insider. This is a man who uses bankruptcy to avoid paying his employees.

He’s not going to create jobs, advocate a living wage or empower women (or stand against policies that police our uteri). He’ll make shady behavior easier for businesses, because he’s a shady businessman himself.

He gives Fair trade deals lip service but has already alienated two major countries with which we have trade deals — China and Mexico. To name two. He has zero foreign policy experience and even less interest in international affairs. Get a load of his Foreign Policy Advisor.

His appeal to Whites is anti-Black rhetoric and his appeal with the few Blacks that support him is anti-Latino rhetoric. His anti-Muslim rhetoric appeals to all his supporters (though of course they deny it). They can’t tell the difference between a Muslim and a terrorist and they’re too lazy to figure it out. Ban them all!  Even the American ones. If Trump and his supporters ever discover that Latino Muslims exist, their brains will explode.

Trump’s many demonstrable lies don’t matter, facts don’t matter, truth doesn’t matter. His supporters reject these things. Trump’s questionable business history, his past offensive remarks, hell his present offensive remarks. They don’t care.  They made him the Republican nominee while his workers are demonstrating outside his hotels on both coasts for fairer wages. Trump’s supporters are just as self-serving as he is. They feel cheated, threatened or put upon in some way so it’s the politics of fcuk everyone else as long as I get mine. America. Great. Again.

Many of you can’t abide the idea of voting for either candidate and perhaps plan to stay home on election day. It’s your right to do so, but if you don’t vote, know that you’re paving the way for a Trump Presidency. That is how he wins, by disgusting the intelligent voters. And yes, I’m insulting Trump supporters because they’re racists. If they want respect they can call the KKK.

The man is advocating war crimes, but against Muslims so who cares, right? Nevertheless, there’s at least one Muslim out there who supports him. 

The only way that America can escape a Trump presidency is for the fed-up voters who are horrified by him to go to the polls in November and vote against him. But for whom? 

UPDATE July 23, 2016

The release by Wikileaks of almost 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee, confirm what many Bernie Sanders supporters had long suspected: The the DNC colluded with the Clinton campaign to  undermine and destroy the Bernie Sanders campaign using a full spectrum of dirty tricks which have historically been considered the  tools of Republican Party candidates. The DNC treated the Sanders Campaign like a hated step-child, plotting how to undermine them from the beginning. The tactics  included using religious beliefs against him, planting fake stories in the press, requesting changes in coverage, angles and substance of stories with networks and newspapers including the New York Times. It also seems the DNC had informers within certain Sanders events that reported to them.

This is just the latest in a string of actions that makes Secretary Clinton impossible to support for many. Her hawkish pro-military, pro big money, pro prison industry positions don’t sit well with many Democrats and are completely unacceptable to progressives who support Bernie Sanders. 

In light of the revelations in these emails, support of Hillary Clinton is impossible for many Democrats. If Sanders leaves the Democratic Party (as many of his supporters are urging him to do) to run as an Independent, his supporters (and many disgusted Hillary supporters will follow him. If he fails to do this, there are some options. Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein,  Workers World Party (Socialist) party Candidate Monica Moorhead, and running for the Party for Socialism and Liberation‘, Gloria La Riva. The Socialist Workers Party candidate is Alyson Kennedy.  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate is also a possibility. Except for Dr. Stein they all have running mates, so they can’t team up with Sanders.

The problem: Dividing Bernie supporters, moderate Republicans and disgusted Hillary supporters between two or more candidates will almost guarantees a Trump win. The DNC has engineered their own loss and perhaps their own demise. They have destroyed an almost guaranteed win against Trump by dividing the anti-Trump contingent and alienating the huge progressive movement within their own party, instead of uniting them. 

Hopefully Sanders will come out to run as an Independent — as I write this this #BernieMustDisavow is trending on Twitter — but if not, know that you have options. This is a golden opportunity for Sanders or a third-party candidates to unify disenfranchised Bernie supporters with Clinton and Trump refugees and make a huge difference.

 Whatever happens, Don’t skip voting. Ask yourself this: How tolerable will you find a Trump Presidency? Because that’s what will happen if you stay home. 

Americans need to vote in massive numbers this November, in order to disable the machine of corruption in the Democratic Party and the snowballing Neo-Nazi movement in the Republican party. If you do nothing, you help the status quo. And as of now, the status quo is intolerable.

Take back your democracy. Vote in November 2016.


Burning Questions Finale 3

GoT Burning Questions of the Finale Pt. 3

Welcome to the final edition of  GoT Burning Questions of the Week for 2016. This is a longer post than usual so I’m dividing it into two (or more) parts.

Stay tuned for updated versions of some of this year’s posts. I will do a count-down series for next season too (though I don’t think it will be 30 days long).  

If you’re seriously Thrones-ing, check out my GoT Pinterest boards. Thrones costume design, and another of GoT fun stuff from around the ‘net.

But back to the task at hand.

Burning Questions is where speculation, analysis and theorizing are the order of the day. This is not a review. Most of the questions relate to the previous episode, but questions for all seasons and episodes may arise. Share your answers or ask your own questions below in the comments. And obviously, beware of show, book, and theory

Spoiler image

The Bachelor, Westeros Edition?

Part of Daenerys’ plan for  conquering Westeros is making an alliance through marriage, and most people are shipping for a double dragon union between Dany and Jon Targaryen.  I’m not so sure. Yes, the Targs go for familial unions, but Daenerys wants to leave the world better than she found it, which would mean no more in-bred potentially mad monarchs.

So. What other eligible Lords are around for Dany to hitch her jaime dragon to? Jaime Lannister. Hear me out. I could see Jaime agreeing to this in order to depose Cersei in a bloodless coup, or to save her and the city from dragon fire.

What would Daenerys get out of it? Another army and a load of debt (the Lannisters blah blah and the Iron Bank still wants its money). Of course he would meet with an unfortunate accident thereafter.

No? Ok, who else? How about Littlefinger? Just what Dany Littlefingerheartneeds, another reptile. Not a great house, but tons of fighting men, and a power-mad Lord. He’d be turning on Cersei and Sansa but for him that’s a slow day. Again, certain death for him, but he wouldn’t see it for the visions of dragon-riding he’d be having. Heh. Dracarys, Littlefinger.

Let’s keep looking…Oh, my God. Sweet Robin. It’s so ludicrous that I’d love to see it. Can you imagine that little sociopath sweet robinwith Daenerys? She would get another army, a castle that’s dragon-friendly and she would definitely toss him out the moon-door asap. Well, maybe not personally, but you know…an accident.

Who else…oh of course the charming sociopath Euron Greyjoy, Euronhe of the allegedly huuuuge — yeah, right. This is another popular match in the fandom, but it will never happen. First of all, she doesn’t need his ships anymore. Besides, how can he build any ships without lumber? There are no trees on the Iron Islands. Not enough to build a thousand ships, anyway. Second, he’s crazy. Third, he wants to kill Dany’s first Westerosi ally, Yara Grejoy, now Queen of the Iron Islands. Marrying Yara’s rival for the throne is not a good look. If Euron turns out to have a crucial instrument that he picked up in the Valyrian ruins in the book, Euron may have a chance. Maybe.

What will Sam Learn at the Citadel?

There’s no telling what Samwell will find in the ancient library, but his top priority is finding out any secrets relating to producing the two weapons known to kill WhiteWalkers: SAMValyrian Steel and  dragonglass. And also where there might be more of them. His own Valyrian sword, Heartsbane, may be crucial in his investigations about the forging process.

Other things he might discover? Jon’s true parentage (assuming someone wrote the Citadel a report of this, and who could would have?), secrets about WhiteWalkers and spells or magic of the Children of the Forest. Also, the he might discover if a rumored…creature really exists under the crypts of Winterfell (more on this in another post). This is a book thing but you can check out this video for details. Enjoy.

There might also be information on if dragon’s eggs can be found in Westeros , and on Valyrian methods of how to bond and train dragons. During several hundred years of Targaryen rule, dragons flew over Westeros and King’s Landing for decades. There may well be petrified eggs under the Red Keep or on the Island of Dragonstone.

What’s West of Westeros?

This has been bugging me ever since I heard it because it came out of nowhere, and I want to believe that nothing in GoT is random. When Arya is with Lady Crane after being attacked by the Waif, Lady Crane invites her to join the Mummer’s troupe and travel with them to Pentos. As expected, Arya refuses but instead of just staying that she’s headed elsewhere, She shrugs and says:

Essos is east, Westeros is west, but what’s west of Westeros?

Huh? Of all the things to say, why say that? Lady Crane says that she doesn’t know what’s over there – “the edge of the world?” Arya says that she’d like to see for herself. It may be that Arya just wanted to misdirect Lady Crane but why say anything about Westeros at all? Just for reference, this is the “map of the known world” in Game of Thrones.

The Universe of A Song of Ice and Fire

The Known World of Game of Thrones from A Wiki of Ice and Fire via West of Westeros is the Sunset Sea

There’s nothing west of Westeros except the Sunset Sea. As far as we know. However, if the Game of Thrones world is a sphere, then at some point the Sunset Sea would wash up on the shores of whatever lies east of the Grey Waste and Bonetown. Is that somehow relevant? I’m not sure it is, with only 13 episodes left in the show. There’s not a lot of time to introduce new elements. In the books, it’s possible there’s more to discover. But why bring it up at all? I have no idea. It could be an off-hand remark of Arya’s but that’s hard for me to believe.

Of course there’s a very interesting theory about what lies east of the Grey Waste from the Ideas of Ice and Fire Youtube channel and you can check out his video about it here.

Will There be Famine in King’s Landing?

How soon before the redoubtable Lady O cuts off grain and food shipments to Westeros? I’d say immediately. She probably stopped shipping grain before we see her at Dorne in the finale. Another of Cersei’s unintended consequences. And there’s yet another problem Cersei didn’t think of…

How Will Cersei Repay the Iron Bank?

In season 4, Tywin Lannister tells Cersei that the last gold mined from the Lannister mines was three years before. There is no more Lannister gold. Stunned, Cersei asks a logical question: “How do we pay for anything?” Tywin says that they owe the Iron Bank “a great deal of money.” Tywin brokered marriages for Tommen and Cersei with the very rich and very flush House Tyrell in order to pay back the debt.

Iron BankIn season 5, Lord Tyrell informs Cersei that the Iron Bank is re-calling part of the loan to the Crown, and that the Crown cannot meet the terms of repayment. Lord Tyrell offers to front the money, but Cersei needs to get him out of town and she sends him off to Braavos to negotiate better terms.

It’s unclear what terms, if any, Lord Tyrell was able to negotiate, because when he returned Cersei had armed the Faith Militant and his children were imprisoned. If there were any terms, they are certainly no longer in effect, because the Tyrell wealth is no longer supporting the crown.

So what now? If the Iron Bank pressures her for money and the Tyrells cut off the food, Queen Cersei will have a starving, rioting populace and no money with which to feed them. Where can she get money? Who are her allies? Would she even care if the population of King’s Landing starves? She hates them all. As long as she and the Red Keep can eat, she would probably be content to let them starve. But she can’t fight an invasion and hungry rioters at the same time.

In season 2 Tyrion goes over the books while serving as Hand  of the King. He tells Bronn that the Crown owes his father millions and owes the Iron Bank tens of millions. “If we fail to pay these loans, the bank will fund our enemies,” said Tyrion.

Is it the Crown and the Lannisters that owe the Iron Bank, or were the Lannisters borrowing from the Iron Bank to fund the Crown? Or sloppy writing?

Will the Iron Bank have Cersei  killed?

There’s a theory that they have put out a contract on the Lannisters with the House of Black and White, but the dead don’t pay their debts. Wouldn’t it be smarter to ask for some collateral (say some pricey real-estate) until the crown can re-pay them? 

What’s Next for Qyburn? 

Qyburn gives me the same slithery ick feeling that Littlefinger does, only worse. Thus far, he has been Cersei’s devoted right hand and spy, carrying out every atrocious act that the Mad Queen requests of him. I think he has a thing for Cersei, which makes him crazier than she is.

Now that Cersei believes she has vanquished all her enemies, Qyburn is her only ally, and Hand of the Queen. She would have given that role to Jaime if she hadn’t burned the Sept and killed everyone in it to get the throne. It’s Qyburn who performs her Qyburncoronation, and the look he gives her just before he places the crown on her head, plainly shows that he has (twisted and creepy) feelings for her.

Will Qyburn accumulate more power? He orchestrated the conflagration that decimated the Sept of Baelor, he killed Maester Pycelle and Lancel Lannister (through his little birds) and he created the Mountain for her, and he was the only person to visit her in her cell when she was imprisoned by the Faith Militant. His loyalty is without question. He’s also a witness and he’s going to die. That would leave Cersei without a Hand or any allies (The Mountain is a weapon, not a friend). Would she care? She needs someone to do her dirty work, but I think her paranoia will grow and she’ll be questioning Qyburn’s loyalty sooner rather than later. How will she kill him? Will she send the Mountain to do it? That would be interesting, just to see if the monster would kill his creator

Why does Jon Targaryen Look so Constipated?

Because the last time he was named the leader of something he got stabbed a bunch of times. You can’t blame him. He’s so jon-snow-is-proclaimed-king-in-the-northworried about the White Walkers that he’s not paying attention to Sansa or potential threats against him. Sansa kind of supports him now, but there will be a disagreement, some situation that will cause her to seek to rule the North herself. I don’t think she will ally herself with Littlefinger. I don’t think that she can fully trust any man after what she’s been through. 

Where’s Howland Reed?

howlandThe man who fought to the end with Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy (the best swordfight in the show next to Syrio Forel vs. the Kings Guard). The man who stabbed the great Arthur Dane though the back of the neck and saved Ned’s life. 

He’s also the father of Meera Reed, the girl with Bran beyond the Wall.

Ser Howland may be the only living person that can verify Jon Snow’s true parentage. He has been conveniently missing for the entire show, until the Tower of Joy scene which is a flashback. So where is he now? Why didn’t he contact Jon after Ned’s death to tell him the truth about his parents? Will we see him this season when someone may need to contact him to verify Bran’s vision? And What’s Meera’s role? I’m sure the Reeds will help Jon cement his power in Westeros, but I’m not sure how.

What is Jon’s Targaryen Name?

I’ve watched the sequence four or five times and I have no friggin’ idea. It seems to me like Lyanna is saying Aerys or Aegon or a name with an Ae sound. Many fans think that she said Jaehaerys who was a great Targaryen King, but I don’t see Lyanna making a “J” sound. What do you think she’s saying?

Will there be Rhaegar Flashbacks?

The only information we have about Rhaegar is in the form of memories from those who were present at the Tourney at Harrenhaal, where he gave Lyanna the blue roses, and more personal memories of Ser Barristan Selmy, who served as King’s Guard to the Prince. When Joffrey becomes King and dismisses him, Ser Barristan goes to Essos to serve Daenerys in season 3. He shares his memories about Rhaegar with Daenerys, who is his little sister. They are both the children of Mad King Aerys (“Burn them all!”). He tells Dany that Rhaegar loved poetry and music, and often sang on the streets of King’s Landing as a busker to see how much money he could make. Now that we have the Tower of Joy confirmed, we should get the story of Rhaegar and Lyanna’s romance for context. 

Dragons or Wildfire? How will the Red Keep Burn?

When Daenerys reaches Quarth in Season 3 she goes to the House of the Undying in search of her dragons. While there, she has a series of visions. In the first vision, Dany enters the darkened throne room in the Red Keep. The room is covered in snow and it’s snowing as she walks through the room. She looks up and the ceiling has been destroyed  by a fire or explosion. The sky can be seen through the charred remains of the roof and snow falls through the roof into the darkened throne room. Seeing the Iron Throne, Dany approaches slowly, RedKeepalmost not believing her eyes. She’s in front of the thing she wants most in the world and her birthright: The Iron Throne. Just before she can touch it a child’s cry distracts her and pulls her away to the next part of the vision. 

So how will the throne room burn? I get the impression that there was a blast. The roof looks like it was blasted. Although the room is covered in snow, what little we can see looks charred. I think that it is dragon fire because a Wildfire blast would have decimated the building. I can’t wait to see it.

Who will Raise More Dead: Red Priests or White Walkers?

Red Priestesses

The Red Priestesses seen in Mereen and Volantis. Center: Kinvara, High Priestess of the Lord of Light

Book readers have probably figured this out ages ago, but I just realized it recently. White Walkers aren’t the only ones that can raise the dead. We’ve seen at least two Red Priests raise the dead successfully. If they can all raise the dead, then the Red Priests will be a crucial element in the War for the Dawn.

Thoros raises Beric

Thoros of Myr raises Beric Dondarrion from the dead after he is killed by the hound in Season 3

Every dead person the priests raise is one less the White Walkers can raise. They may play a key role in preserving humanity. The problem, of course, is that unlike the White Walkers, Priests of R’hollor can’t raise huge amounts of dead at once. As far as we know. We’ve witnessed Thoros of Myr andMelisandre perform the ritual, and we know that it not possible to be sure of the outcome, but it does work and it

Melisandre beings the ritual to bring Jon back from the dead, Season 6

Melisandre beings the ritual to bring Jon back from the dead, Season 6

can work repeatedly on the same person (Beric Dondarrion). I think the Red Priests will raise people strategically at first and then learn how to do large-scale resurrections to fight the White Walkers. 

 See you in Season 7


GoT Burning Questions of the Finale, Pt. 2

Welcome to the last GoT Burning Questions of the Week for 2016. This is a longer post than usual so I’m dividing it into two (or more) parts. Catch up with all my Burning Questions posts here. You can check out all my Game of Thrones posts for season 6 here. 

Back to the task at hand.

Burning Questions is where speculation, analysis and theorizing are the order of the day. This is not a review. Most of the questions relate to the previous episode, but questions for all seasons and episodes may arise. I haven’t read the books but I’m familiar with some of the material from the books. Share your answers or ask your own questions below in the comments. And obviously, beware of show, book, and theory

Spoiler image

This post is about one question, but it’s a major one (for me). Another post will follow with more questions about the finale.

Will Daenerys Visit Valyria?

Was anyone else thrilled when Dany changed the name of Slavers Bay to Bay of Dragons?

Armada Bay of Dragons

Daenerys’ Armada and Dragons cross the Bay of Dragons on the way to Westeros

It sounds really cool, yes, but I hope the new name means that something I’ve been hoping for finally happens. My hope is based on  nothing but smoke and dragons, but here goes.

I’ve always wondered why Daenerys never stopped at Valyria as she made her way around Slaver’s Bay. you’d think she’d be at least a little curious, since that’s where the Targaryens came from. She includes “of the blood of Old Valyria,” in her loooong list of titles, so why wouldn’t  she want to see the place?

Ancient Valyria before the Doom

The reason I want this so hard is that Valyria is the only place where dragons lived. Dragon eggs were discovered in the caves surrounding the volcanoes in the Valyrian peninsula, known as the Fourteen Fires.  At some point the Valyrians developed the ability to bond with and ride dragons, making them most powerful civilization in Essos. They conquered most of the Essoan coast before moving inland. Not only were they enlarging their territory, they were enslaving thousands in order to mine the precious metals and beneath the volcanoes.

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GoT Burning Questions of the Week s06 Finale

GoT Burning Questions of the Week, Finale Part 1

Welcome to the final edition of  GoT Burning Questions of the Week for 2016. This is a longer post than usual so I’m dividing it into two (or more) parts.

It’s been an amazing season for the show, truly it’s best ever. 

I’ll no longer be blogging about GoT on a weekly basis, but you can expect the odd feature here and there. Also stay tuned for updated versions of some of this year’s posts. I will do a count-down series for next season too (though I don’t think it will be 30 days long).  

If you’re you’re experiencing serious Thrones withdrawal, Check out my GoT Pinterest boards on costume design here, and GoT fun stuff from around the ‘Net here.

Back to the task at hand.

Burning Questions is where speculation, analysis and theorizing are the order of the day. This is not a review. Most of the questions relate to the previous episode, but questions for all seasons and episodes may arise. Share your answers or ask your own questions below in the comments. And obviously, beware of show, book, and theory

Spoiler image

What do you get when you blend Hitchcock, Shakespeare and a dash of The Godfather? The opening sequence of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10. By now the sequence has been written about and analyzed in countless articles and critique videos, so I’ll skip an in-depth analysis, but the scene is a masterpiece of suspense and slow reveal. The pacing, the music (by Ramin Djawadi)  every shot of that sequence is masterful. Well done, Miguel Sapochnick.


And now on to the questions. These are questions from the episode and season, looking toward season 7, which according to reports will have only 7 episodes. Yikes. Stories will be compressed and many side stories will be jettisoned (Lady Stoneheart, Young Griff, Great Northern Conspiracy, the Dornish Plan). But as of now, the show-runners know what they’re doing and things are going splendidly. Well mostly (Dorne).

What’s Cersei’s Plan?

So much evil to do and so little time. She will be obsessed with the remaining part of Maggy the Frog’s prophecy. Now that her children are all dead, she will want to find the “younger more Cersei Burning Questions of the Weekbeautiful Queen that will threaten all she holds dear. She will focus on Sansa, and may call Littlefinger to press her request from Season 5. You may recall that after Ser Petyr Baelish married off Sansa to Ramsay Bolton, he told Cersei that  he had “found” Sansa Stark living at Winterfell. They made a deal: Littlefinger provides Sansa’s head on a spike and Cersei makes Littlefinger Warden of the North. Now that Littlefinger said that he has “declared for House Stark for all to hear,” will that change? Ha. I’m with Sansa, who responded with “you’ve

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Cersei Lannisters S06 Finale Gowns

Cersei’s Murder & Coronation Dresses Analyzed

Cersei’s dresses.

Cersei’s Murder & Coronation Dresses I Can’t Even.

Cersei Lannister has never been a warm person, but in the nest of evil that is her soul, her one redeeming quality was her love for her three children.

In last week’s finale, after being brutalized by the Faith Militant and enduring their control of her son, Cersei got back at all her enemies and lost her one remaining son, the thing she loved most in the world.  

After blowing up the Sept of Baelor, meting out justice to  Septa Unella (shame, shame) and dispatching the remains of her son, Cersei smiles at explosionCersei crowns herself (well she has Qyburn do it but you know) Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. What do you wear when you’ve achieved your highest goal but lost everything that matters to you? Black, of course.

Cersei’s clothes in the season 6 finale are all dark rage and bad-assery, a brilliant exposition of the character’s state of mind.

The fact that everyone’s talking about Cersei’s gowns in an episode that included wildfire, dragons and both Lyannas is a testament to the designer’s talent. Who designed them? murderdress that the producers asked award-winning costume designer Michelle Clapton – who left the show last season — to return just to design these dresses for Cersei. 

The gowns are stunning, both severe and scary for what they reveal about Cersei’s emotional state. When she put on the metal shoulder armor for the coronation I had a stylegasm.

CoronationdressYou may or may not know that I’m obsessed with the costume design on this show.  

Cersei’s coronation dress was an epic fashion moment in a show that is full of astonishing fashion. Clapton’s special talent (in addition to the breath-taking work she’s done for GoT) is the narrative she designs into each costume. Every element of every costume tells the history of the character (and their house) and also conveys where the characters are emotionally. Cersei’s Winds of Winter dresses are the high point of this costume strategy.

Correction: I originally mis-identified the costume designer as Michelle Carragher. Carragher has done all the embroidery and beadwork on the Game of Thrones costumes. The costume designer for seasons 1-5 (and these gowns) is Michele Clapton.

The dresses invoke the power and severity of Tywin Lannister’s costumes with it’s dark color, clean lines and lack of flounces. I

believe it’s the first time Cersei has been without her trademark floor-length bell-sleeves.

Cersei's DressesThe high collar and simple cut also invoke Ser Petyr Baelish’s trademark style, which resembles a priests soutane. Littlefinger uses the style as a mask, but Cersei in this style is a true expression of her emotional state. Mourning, raging and souless. The style also symbolizes a rejection of love and sex.

The silver brocade is the only nod to luxury, symbolysing the Lannister wealth and her Royal Highness.

cerseithronesBoth dresses are made of leather, which is a rejection of the organic, plant-based fabrics of her other dresses which symbolize nurturing and motherhood. Leather by definition involves death and violence, which is Cersei’s thing now. It is how she vanquished her enemies and how she achieved her greatest ambition. It will be the way she rules.

The Murder Dress has ornate Lannister beaded embroidery in silver thread across the shoulders with a chain across the chest. The silver signifies luxury but instead of the usual gold lions silver, a cold metal is used. It signifies the absence of warmth. That’s a drastic understatement when referring to Cersei, a woman who blew up a church full of people and watched it from her balcony as if she were waiting for the curtain to rise on a play.

Cersei coronationThe silver shoulder armor on the coronation gown is epic. It’s a nod to the lion-shouldered armor the Lannister Army and her brother wear. Her version is delicate and strong at once. Serious without being ornate and completely no-nonsense. Deadly.

Clapton said that Cersei’s crown a simple metal crown with out jewels of any kind, is a representation of the Lannister lion with a mane made to look like the iron throne. The look of abject misery on Cersei’s face completes the look.

Bravo, Ms. Clapton.